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The Home Has to Stand out

While seeing a company for Orange County shutters, I noticed that many of them had the same kind of shutter styles on their websites. I guess this was something that I should have expected, but I was hoping that there would be more variety. I don’t particularly like to be the same as everyone else, and would prefer to stand out in a crowd. Nearly all of the houses on my street have the same kind of shutter and it all looks so boring to me. It’s like their homes are just clones of each other. I didn’t want my home to look like theirs and looked for a company that could offer me something a little different.

I talked to my aunt about my shutter problem and she recommended me a company that she thought would help me. They had a website, so I browsed around to see what they had, and I was shocked at their shutter options. The shutters they offered looked like they were on the cutting edge of home decor. It’s a shame that the other companies don’t offer what this one company was offering, because they could use it. Then again, the other homes would all look the same again if they did.

I chose a shutter style from the website and an installation done. Now when the neighbors drive my home, they ask me about my shutters. I think I’ve started a bit of a movement, because people seem more interested in making their homes stand out from each other. Given the number of style choices and colors that can be made with gutters, I see no reason why all of the homes should look the same. I’m glad the others are catching on, because that unified look was starting to look a little creepy.