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How to Choose an Air Cooler

If you do not choose an air cooler or solar cooler with the right information, you might be disappointed because the product does not meet your expectations. In the following, we will review how to choose an air cooler so you can get products that suit your needs.

Choose what suits your usage.

There are air coolers that are right for use at home; some are for business purposes. For home use, choose a air cooler that is concise and easy to use. The electric power needed by the air cooler is usually compatible with the amount of electrical power available at home.

Conversely, air coolers intended for business needs usually have a larger size. The electric power used is also higher, so it is more suitable to be placed in a bigger place, for example, in an office.

Adjust the electric power to the place of use

By knowing the electrical power consumption, you can estimate the ability of the air cooler to cool the surrounding environment. This electrical power is written in watts. The higher the electric energy needed, it means the higher the ability to cool it.

A compact and inexpensive air cooler usually requires less electricity. So, remember always to ensure the place of use. Generally, the electrical power needed by the air cooler for use at home is between 65-75 watts. While for business needs, air coolers usually require 200 watts of power.

To be easily mobile, also pay attention to the size and weight.

As an air cooler, the advantage of the air cooler is that it can be moved. Therefore, before buying, remember to check the weight and ease of being touched. Others are made with a load of less than 40 kg, although the purpose is for business needs. However, there is also an air cooler that is not equipped with wheels. Products that do not have these wheels are usually more suitable for home use.

Also, check that size. The right sized of the air cooler will make it easier for you to determine the installation location, as well as the storage location when not in use.

Check the capacity of the air tanks.

The way the air more cooling works is different from the air conditioner and fan. Air cooler works by spraying air particles that are produced from the evaporation process in the tank. So, every air cooler must have a air tank in it.

Each product has a different air tank capacity. The large capacity air tank will ease your work because you don’t need to refill it often.

Remember not to let the air cooler work with an empty tank because it will quickly damage it. Also, it would help if you cleaned the air tank once every month so that the air produced is still fresh and healthy.

Pay attention to the strength of airflow.

If the AC unit known as PK for cooling power, the term air flow is used in the air cooler. An airflow is essential to consider when looking for an air cooler. Airflow will determine the volume of air blown out. The higher the power of airflow, the faster the room will cool, but at the same time also damp quickly. For that, you must pay attention to the presence of ventilation in the room so that the humidity remains stable.

Also, note other features

Some air coolers have additional features. Below, some features might suit your needs. Ice pack, making the temperature cooler. To make the room more optimally, some manufacturers supplement their homemade air coolers with ice packs. The ice pack serves to optimize the air blowing from the air cooler so that it will feel fresher. Before use, the ice pack must first be frozen in the freezer, then put in a tank. There is also an air cooler that has more than one ice pack. The more ice packs, the cooler it will be.

Timer feature makes it easy for you to adjust the length of use of the air cooler.

Sometimes, people don’t want to use the air cooler for too long. When the temperature is cold enough, some people want to turn off the air cooler. Another reason is so that the electricity bill does not swell. However, it is not uncommon to feel lazy to move from a chair or bed when you want to turn off the air cooler. Also, some people can sometimes fall asleep while relaxing.

Because of this, some manufacturers provide timer features in their homemade air cooler products. All you have to do is adjust the timer to suit your needs; then, the air cooler will automatically turn off at the specified time.

Features a humidifier and dehumidifier, to regulate air humidity

Some air coolers are equipped with a humidifier feature, but some are fitted with a dehumidifier feature. These two features are different, but they both function to regulate the humidity.

Humidifier features are needed to add moisture when the air in the room is too dry and hot. Air that is too dry can cause several complaints, such as chapped lips, dehydration, or sore throat. Home furnishings made of wood also risk cracking easily.

Conversely, if the air in the room is too humid, like during the rainy season, you might need a dehumidifier feature. This feature serves to reduce the humidity to return to normal. The air is too humid can cause complaints, such as asthma, nasal congestion, or allergies. Also, the corner of the room becomes moldy, and wood furniture can be easily weathered.