Artificial Grass

Benefits of Using Synthetic Grass

Having a house or office with beautiful views will certainly be very interesting. Moreover, to obtain an all-green atmosphere, it does not have to use plants, it can also use synthetic products. One of them is the trend of using synthetic grass as a substitute for real grass.

Synthetic grass first appeared in the 1960s, released by a company called Monsanto which came to be called AstroTurf for the building now called the Houston Astrodome in Texas, United States.

Since then, the use of this grass (synthetic grass) has continued to increase. Its use is also diverse, can be used indoors or outdoors. Not only that, it’s also easy to maintain, because it doesn’t need cutting or regular watering.

Advantages of Using Synthetic Grass
Then, why are so many people interested in using synthetic grass instead of real grass? This of course is closely related to the advantages in use.
There are some positive things that can be obtained from its use, namely:

Save money
When using synthetic grass, you don’t need to pay extra care. Unlike real grass, synthetic grass cannot grow taller, so there is no need for regular cutting. In addition, you also do not need to pay for the purchase of fertilizers, pesticides, or the like.

Easy maintenance
In contrast to real grass, treatment of synthetic grass is much easier. You don’t have to hire a gardener to water or fertilize. Therefore, the use of this grass is very suitable for homeowners in urban areas. Moreover, with a high level of activity, it will be difficult to take the time to care for the grass. Interestingly, although it requires a very easy level of care, the appearance of synthetic grass will never fade. This lawn will always look green and refreshing to the eyes.

Save water
You might not expect, the cost of spending water to water a yard that uses real grass is very high. For a soccer field, every week can spend up to 50 thousand gallons of water. However, this expenditure can be reduced to a minimum if you choose to use synthetic grass.

Flexible placement
Synthetic grass also has ease in use. You can flexibly use it in an indoor or outdoor area. This is of course much different when choosing to use real grass that can only live if you get exposure to sunlight.

Durable and not easily damaged
The next advantage of using synthetic grass is related to its durability. In general, it is far more durable and not easily damaged than real grass. Moreover, it is specifically used for sports fields, with a much better endurance level.

Safe for the environment
Unlike the original grass, synthetic grass can not carry out photosynthesis and produce oxygen. However, its presence also makes the environment around the residence or the area installed clean. Insects or worms that normally live around real grass will not be found in locations where synthetic grass has been installed. These creatures are not able to survive under the surface of artificial grass. The impact, the area is fitted with synthetic grass will not attract too much attention of other animals such as birds.